A complete coverage of all main ports and terminals including a full network of branch offices.


    We have the most advanced network of communications in the shipping agency business: phones, faxes, e-mail, radios, and laptops. Our boarding clerks always carry on board a laptop with wireless internet connection for quicker operational communications.


    Throughout the years, we have developed a vast experience in the maritime business, not only through the great volume of port calls attended, but also complying with the most demanding and diverse standards of oil majors, traders and first class owners/operators as our Principals. Our local knowledge and skills are second to none.


    Our Company is a well renowned name brand among local authorities, governmental officials and all service providers in the business.


    We hold a sound financial standing, capable to meet with demanding local obligations, and able to reassure our Principals a proper usage of advanced funds.


    On demanding situations we have become the leading party to defend our Principal interests when critical cases have arisen. Our follow-ups of legal developments concerning the Maritime industry are unique.


    We are highly competitive with any other local agency.